Motorcycling in Morocco, an experience never to forget

Motorcyclists in the desertMorocco is a versatile country, but we already knew. As a holiday destination, Morocco is a top country, but certainly for those seeking adventure, an absolute must. Motorcycling in Morocco is a separate experience and there are many possibilities. Together with you, we plan a route through the magically beautiful Morocco, an experience that remains in your memory forever. The route we make is based on your own driving experience. The routes are easy to assemble.

How your tour is going to be? We will design it with you!

Bedouin tent in Sahara desertYou can take the plane to Morocco and we will pick you up from the airport. We will take you directly to the adress where you rented your motorbike. The reasons why we don’t provide the engines for you are simple. We cannot take responsibility for the rental other then the rentalcompany itself. We do not stand in between. Also we cannot choose a bike for you, you are the one that knows what is good for you. Of course you can decide to come to Morocco on your own engine. Then we will pick you up at any place in Morocco for the start of your tour.

We provide guidance during the tour and are always around for backup. The nights can be in a hotel or Riad, but also in a Bedouin tent somewhere in the beautiful nature of the Atlas Mountains.
Or in the silence of the desert at an oasis with above you a wonderful starry sky. There are so many possibilities and because everyone has a personal idea about his trip, we do not have any routes on the website. You let us know what you can and want, what your journey time is and we will design a route with you. Security will be our main starting point and we will be open and honest if something is not possible.

Contact us and tell us what your ultimate trip would be.