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Saharaway is a real specialist in Morocco tours and is founded by Hamid Moujane, a young Berber, born and raised in Southern Morocco. Hamid likes the simple life in the desert and has a passion for his country, Morocco.


This passion is reflected in the way Saharaway works. Strongly intertwined with the culture and based on the principles of his country. Honesty, dedication, humility and helpfulness with respect for the environment and its inhabitants.

Over the years, Hamid has perfected ‘his’ Saharaway. The main point here is the perception of the customer. Contact and customer needs are paramount. Through his years of experience and expertise as a guide and driver, he is able to design a tour that meet everyone’s expectations.

The greatest satisfaction for Hamid is, if you leave Morocco satisfied and you carry the memory of a particular country and a nice trip with you. And of course, like to come back again to explore more aspects of this multifaceted country.

The Saharaway team

The Saharaway team consists of passionate guides of Berber origin with lots of travel experience, they are true professionals in the field of tourism. Attentive, friendly, informative and patient, they bring you to every hidden corner of Morocco and manage to find special places. Besides their own language, they speak English, French and often also Spanish.

The vehicles are comfortable, airconditioned and well maintained, providing relaxing traveling, so the only thing you need to do is just enjoying your trip.


Our accomodations

Sfeerplaatje van een Riad in Marrakesh

The accomodations we offer breathe the atmosphere of real Morocco. The mostly small hotels or riads are authentic and good. These are our permanent addresses where we rely on, but depending on your choice and budget there are of course alternatives. You may go for a little more luxury or want to sleep in a tent in the desert. You can decide for yourself.

        Let your Moroccan dream trip come true, travel with us.

Do you have any more questions?

For a question about a tour, an offer or any advice, you can reach us easily by filling in the form below. We will respond as soon as possible. You can also call, you will be spoken to in English.

Hmad Moujane
Hay Nahda
Errachidia 52203
tel: +212 6628 44784

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