Our excursion to Essouira starts at 8:00 am from Marrakech. After a journey of about 3 hours we will reach the old harbor of the town. Essaouira, the former Mogador, borders at the Atlantic coast . It is located on a small peninsula in the shape of a crescent, a wide bay with sandy beaches and picturesque views. The place has a rich history, that’s why the Medina of Essaouira is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The city is perfectly sheltered by imposing ramparts. From Skala, the old city wall, you have magnificent view of the sea, Ile de Mogador and the colorful fishing port. On the wall you can enjoy the cannons present . Essaouira is also famous for its fine handicrafts. It is an important crafts center where wooden objects including lemon or ebony inlaid with mother of pearl or silver wires, as well as silver jewelry are traditionally made and sold . Fish lovers can enjoy a tasty fresh meal at the port. In the afternoon we return to Marrakech .