General information and travel conditions

How we work

Based on your requirements and in close consultation with you we compose a journey and make an offer. Prices depend on the season, the number of participants and the specific requirements specified by you. All prices are, unless otherwise stated in Euros and per person.

Our prices include transfers to and from the airport, airconditioned transport with driver / guide, breakfast, dinner and overnight, unless mentioned otherwise. Lunch, drinks, entrance fees and gratuities are not included unless stated otherwise. The journeys includes days of departure and arrival. These are basically counted as whole days regardless of the departure and arrival time.

Reservation and payment

The travel contract is concluded by acceptance by the passenger of the offer of Saharaway. The reservation is done by means of a transfer of a deposit of 30% of the total amount. This deposit should be received by us within 13 days from the booking date. You will receive a confirmation receipt that proves your reservation. A reservation is valid from the moment that the required deposit has been received by us. Paying the deposit implies that knowlegde is taken by you from the description of the offer and agrees. The remaining 70% of the total amount you pay on the spot.

As Saharaway is a Moroccan company, we are not affiliated with any guaranteefund. Of course, this does not affect the quality we offer and we guarantee the trust you place in us by only require a deposit. Therefore we offer you yet some form of guarantee and security.


Case of cancellation on your part, the following applies: up to 4 weeks before the start of the rental period 30% of the total amount, being the deposit.
A cancellation insurance is therefore recommended by us.

If we have to cancel the travel contract due to unforeseen circumstances, we will immediately notify and
refund of deposit will occur.


Saharaway is not liable for damages for wich a claim for reimbursement exists under a travel and/or cancellation insurance and disclaims any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to luggage and personal belongings.