Special tours, unique tours tailored to your special wishes

What do we mean by special tours? These are travels with a special touch. A special travel is definitely a honeymoon, a trip where you would like to look back upon with a lot of beautiful and warm memories. But special trips can also be hiking, motorcycling or trekking trips. Traveling with a special group of friends or family and with a special purpose. We also offer these travels, but you will not find any compiled trips on our site. Because special tours are special and tailored to your wishes.


A honeymoon must meet more than all expectations. A beautiful memory of perfect togetherness, following a special day in your life, your marriage. The symbol for your commitment. For a honeymoon, Morocco is a perfect destintion. Your honeymoon becomes a mix of romance, culture and adventure.


Take the challenge and discover Morocco by motorcycle. Cross the Atlas Mountains and drive over the highest pass. Follow dirt roads or ride through the spectaculare Sahara desert. Explore cities like Marrakech or follow the coastal road along the Atlantic Ocean.

motorcycling in Sahara desert


The beautiful landscape of Morocco offers many possibilities for a hiking holiday. A days walk or a trek, it’s all possible. Simple and laid back walks though valleys, passing little Berber villages. Sporty walks through mountains or the desert. Discover the beautiful scenery on foot at your own pace.

People walking in valley of Atlas mountains