Our luxurious and beautiful tent camp in the Sahara desert is part of Saharaway Tours.
Royal Oasis Camp is not just any tent camp, it is more than that. It is your home in the deafening silence of the special wilderness of the desert. The camp is located in a rugged and special place in the Sahara desert nearby our palm project. All this with respect for the nature around it.

our luxury tent camp in Sahara desert

Our tent camp is equipped with every comfort you could wish for in the middle of teh desert. There are 12 fully equipped private tents with shower, toilet and sink. The tents are decorated in Moroccan style and breathe the atmosphere of the colorful life of Morocco.

Relax and get rid of all the stress and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you, but also the activities. Every evening you will meet the Berber people to listen to the typical music of the local tribe. Of course the campfire is not lacking. You will be amazed at the wondrous starry sky and you may even see the Milky Way.

our luxury tent camp in Sahara desert

The gastronomy has also not been forgotten. Our restaurant has a wide choice of Moraccan dishes with the typical taste of the East. Of course there are also international dishes available, but with a touch of oriental flavors.
For those with special eating needs, such as vegetarian or allergenic food, we are happy to meet the desired need.

The Royal Oasis Camp is a great travelers experience. It is also ideal for special occasions such as a honeymoon or an intimate party.

A stay in our luxury tent camp in the Sahara desert can be booked separately, but is also included in several of our sample tours such as our tours from Marrakech.

Of course, a stay can also be included in the program of a tailor-made trip.

Sustainability and our tent camp

We attach great importance to the environment and are aware that the Sahara desert is a very special place on earth. After all, the love for the desert is in the genes of our Berber team.

In the desert, the sun is naturally present for a large part of the year. Our tent camp therefore uses solar energy to charge batteries and the lamps that illuminate the camp romantically and attractively in the evening. The lighting in the tents is alos provided in the same way.

The use of plastic is avoided as much as possible, only is there is no other option from a hygiëne point of view, we will use plastic in mderation. Our food is unprocessed, fruit and vegetables come from the local market. The meat comes from the local butcher and poulterer, the bread comes from the local bakery.

Our palm project

Our palm project is located next to the tent camp. Date palms have been planted, the future harvest of which is intended to provide food for itinerant nomads and other inhabitants of the surrounding area. The palms are slowly but surely growing and some are already bearing fruit. If you want to support our project, you can donate a palm tree and contribute to life in the desert.

our luxury tent camp in Sahara desert