On this blogarticle, we will compile an itinerary for the ultimate 4 days Marrakesh city trip for you. A 4 days guide with top things to do in Marrakesh. A guide to the city’s highlights, and some tips to get the best out of your stay.

If you’re wondering how long you need to explore Marrakesh, we’d say 4 days is enough time to see the most highlights that the city has to offer. However, we wholeheartedly recommend that you spend more time in the Red City of Morocco

But what to do when you have 4 days in Marrakesh, Morocco?

Marrakesh, top things to do in 4 days

Marrakesh is a lively city that has so much to offer and is one of the top destinations for a citytrip. Whether traveling alone, with a friend, or in a larger group, it truly has something for everyone. We, of course, visit Marrakesh regularly  for short trips, looking for beautiful Riads, the red city walls, and luxurious textiles. But mostly we end up finding much more! It is always a surprise. Even though Marrakesh has risen to the top of the world’s bucket list in the last couple of years, it has retained much of its unique character. The first time I was in Marrakesh, I expected that the medina would become overcrowded with tourists and that it would produce a faint smell of inauthenticity. Instead, I noticed that I mostly came in contact with locals. Also I expected that the insistence of vendors would be awkward, but  the reality was much different.

Day 2 : Exploring the souks and  Djemaa el Fna square

Marrakesh top things to do in 4 days

Start the day the Moroccan way, with a  mint tea or a continental breakfast on one of the terraces at Djemaa el Fna square, This is the famous central place near to the souks (Arabic markets). Follow that up with a visit to the treasury of the souks in the Medina. Enjoy yourself -go people watching and feel, taste and smell the atmosphere of Marrakesh. Prepare yourself  for a plunge into the whirlpool that is the heart of Marrakesh. If you are out and about during the early hours, you can easily avoid the crowds and chaos. Follow the Rue Semmarine to the Rue Mouassine to the heart of the market. This way is less hectic. On this route, you will encounter the clucking of chickens, shops with authentic Berber jewels, carpets and colorful ceramics of every Moroccan pattern imaginable. Buckets and towers of alluring spices, and lots of charming trinkets.

Marrakesh plan of the medina

Because the hectic of Marrakesh can be somewhat intimidating, we can offer you a local guide for a part of the day. This recognised guide knows the way in the souks and medina by heart. Really a relaxing way to discover Marrakesh. But there are also guidebooks available in bookshops where you can find some great routes to embark on in Marrakesh.

Shopping in Marrakesh

The souks and the medina of Marrakesh take you on a trip to the past, and you really can’t go there without loosing your sense of time and getting lost inside the labyrinth of the Medina. Shopping in Marrakesh feels like a cultural activity and negociating in the souk is one of nicest and memorable things to do. If you are looking for bargains, is our advice that you use the first morning as a trial session. You will get a much better idea of what is available. Then go back in the evening of your last day of your stay in Marrakesh. In the evening, the vendors are a liitle bit more eager to finalize a sale. As we said, shopping is one of the top things to do in Marrakech.

The Koutoubia Mosque

Marrakesh top things to do in 4 daysStanding at the Djemaa el Fna square it is not difficult to see the minaret of the Koutoubia mosque . It’s the most famous mosque in the city and it gives an imposing look on the skyline of the red city. The large building stands as a point of orientation which can help you explore the city. Non-Muslims cannot go inside, but the outside of the mosque is also lovely to see. The Mosque is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. Its architecture and history are awe-inspiring. The name is based on the Arabic word ‘koutoubiyyin‘ which means ‘bookseller‘. This is because books were sold around the mosque back in the old days. It is not the largest mosque you will ever see, but it is the biggest in Marrakesh. According to city law, no other mosque is allowed to be built larger than Koutoubia.

Marrakesh top things to do in 4 days

As the sun goes down on your first day in Marrakech, you will go back to the central square. In the shimmer of the evening the square truly comes alive. Then there are snake charmers, storytellers, acrobats, watersellers in traditional garbs, shoeshiners, and Berber musicians. All contribute to a carnival-like atmosphere. Unfortunately some ‘attractions’ are not animal friendly. We hope by ingoring for example the Berber monkeys on chains, the animals eventually will gain a better life.

Food and drinks around Djemaa El Fna

For dinner, there are many options, with so much good food. Tajines, couscous and streetfood are available everywhere at quaint eateries and restaurants situated at the square. But also in the restaurants around the square you can have an amazing dinner. The well-known ‘Café des Epices‘, the modern ‘Kosybar‘ (here you can drink a wine or beer also), ‘Le Jardin‘, ‘Souk Kafe‘ and restaurant ‘Toubkal‘. To much to mention, really.

In our next blogarticles, we will tell you more about the food in Marrakesh, as well as the activities for the days 2, 3 en 4.

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