In this blog we give you 5 reasons for a Morocco tour with Saharaway.
Why do you choose to travel through Morocco with Saharaway?
Why choose a local, reliable travel agency with enthusiastic employees and Morocco lovers instead of a standard range at a travel organization?

Do you want to know that and more and also have a unique experience in Morocco? Then read on.

5 reasosns for a morocco tour with saharaway

1. Personal contact!

The first of the 5 reasons for a Morocco tour with Saharaway is personal contact.
Contact with you is important to us to organize the tour together with you. A personal journey through this beautiful country, which you will never forget! How are we going to do this?
First of all, of course, getting acquainted and discussing your wishes. We take the time to do this, so that we can make an appropriate proposal.
And since we are a small-scale travel agency, and only orient ourselves to Morocco, we are always available. Both by telephone and by mail, also during the tour.

2. Appropriate advice!

We provide tailor-made advice. We also offer tours via our website to give you an idea of the possibilities. Especially when you go to Morocco for the first time, these tours are great to do. Of course we can also tailor these tours for you. A day longer or shorter in Marrakesh and the tour can be ended relaxing on the beach. Everything is possible.

3. Unique experience!

That is traveling through Morocco . The hospitality of the people of Morocco, the colorful landscape, every day is different.
We work together with reliable partner accomodations, authentic and comfortable. The overnight addresses are small-scale, special and typical of Morocco. We often have contact with our riads and hotels and visit them regularly. If we make you a travel proposal, we will indicate in which riads or hotels you will stay during the trip. Do you want it more luxurious on certain days, or even more authentic? Then we will adjust the proposal. So that the yourney becomes the unique experience you want for yourself.

4. Cultural knowledge!

Because we can regurarly be found in Morocco, we have gained a lot of experience. Therefore we are familiar with the culture and traditions. Special experiences that we would like to share with you! Also read our reviews on Tripadvisor. These belong to our guests, who have experienced our tours and advice as unique. Which made it a travel experience they did not soon forget.

5. Travel in comfort!

5 reasons for a morocco tour with saharaway

Traveling with us is comfortable, you don’t have to think about anything. The transport is equipped with air conditioning. We work with English speaking drivers, who know the country inside out. That way they know exactly the road to your destination. You will sometimes go off the beaten track and turn where others go straight on.
Along the way there is enough time for taking photos, lunch and a cup of coffee. During the tour you can consult with the driver. The driver is available 24/7 and also always there for you in case of emergency.
Also included in our service are transfers to and from the airport, regardless of whether you have booked a riad or hotel yourself before and after the tour.

Do you have any questions? Fill in the  contact form on our website or send a mail to [email protected]. If you prefer to be answered personally, please call +31 6 84355349.